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Features of Project Aashray
Project Aashraya was inaugurated by Shri. A.K. Antony, Hon. Defence Minister on  1st October, 2010 in New Delhi, during the Defence Accounts Day celebrations. Project Suvigya, a pension enquiry system, was also inaugurated on the same day.
Aashraya has been implemented successfully in 50 DPDOs under CDA (PD) Meerut.
The salient features of Project Aashraya are the following
1. Aashraya replaces the Revised New Pension Disbursing System (RNPDS), which was implemented in 1998, for processing the data of the DPDOs and generating the Pension Payment Schedules.
2. Aashraya uses PHP as platform and MySQl as the database.
3. Aashraya is simple and windows based  user - friendly program. Anybody with basic computer knowledge can operate the system under Aashraya.
4. Aashraya takes lesser processing time. Hence, the DPDOs can afford to wait for some more time before generating the monthly pension payment schedules. Thus, more changes reported by the pensions and various other authorities (pension Sanctioning Authorities, Record Offices, etc., ) can be incorporated in the same month. As such, it is an important step towards customer satisfaction.
5. Aashraya is devised to work in a networked environment. Local Area Networks (LAN) have been installed in all DPDOs. When fully operational, it would be a significant step in the efforts of Defence Accounts Department to introduce complete automation of office procedures.
6. Under Aashraya, the Auditors/Task Holders working in a DPDO would feed the corrections/changes online in real time, as and when such changes are reported. The data fed by the Auditors will be transferred to the computer of the respective Asst. Accounts Officers (AAO). The AAOs will verify the data and ensure their correctness. Incorrect data, if any, would be rectified by him/her, before transferring them to the computer of the Defence Pension Disbursing Officer (DPDO). This process is known as Validation.
7. The DPDO would also verify the data and update them on the computer. Once it is updated by the DPDO, the changes will be effected in the database.
8. As Aashraya is simple, more people can be trained on the system. It would address the issue of less number of trained manpower who can handle complicated RNPDS