dfs Invitation of quotations for providing outsourcing contract for cleaning and sweeping           Amendment to tender enquiry dated 26.10.2016           Transfer of cases pending before District Courts, 29-Feb-2016           Compliance to the PFRDA Regulations, 2015           Revision of pension in respect of PE_2006 comissioned Officer           Forwarding of Nominal roll for the year 2015-16           Public Servants Second Amendment Rules, 2015 fdsf
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(1) Immovable Property Return
(2) Movable Property(prior intimation or prior sanction)
(3) Immovable Property (prior intimation or prior sanction)
(4) Application form for grant of LTC Advance
(5) Claim for LTC
(6) Requisition for advances of Pay/TA etc
(7) Claim for move on Temorary Duty (Tour)
(8) Application for Final Withdrawal form GPF
(9) Statement of GPF Advance / Final Withdrawals
(10) Application for Advance form GPF
(11) Application form for Advance of Motor Car / Motor Cycle / PC
(12) Form of agreement for Advance of Motor Car / Motor Cycle / PC
(13) Form for Festival Advance
(14) TA Claims for moves on Permanent Transfer
(15) Application for payment of accumulation under CGEGIS
(16) Option form for promotion
(17) Option Form on ACP
(18) Assessment Report IDAS Probationers