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sd History of CDA (PD) Meerut dsa
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CDA (PD), Meerut came into existence in November, 1983. It was established to take over function of the disbursement of pension from the Post Offices and state treasuries.

At present there are 51 DPDOs under CDA (PD) Meerut. Four Zonal Offices (PD) (Delhi, Pathankot, Jalandhar and Allahabad) supervise the functions of DPDOs under their respective zones i.e 15 DPDOs under ZO(PD) Delhi Cantt, 14 DPDOs under ZO(PD) Pathankotm 16 DPDOs under ZO(PD) Jalandhar Cantt and 4 DPDOs under ZO(PD) Allahabad. DPDO Meerut and DPDO Dehradun is directly under CDA (PD) Meerut

Being a department exclusively serving the Armed Forces, public dealing was a new area of work for the DPDOs functioning under the Defence Accounts Department. Also, the prospects of IT support were yet to be explored at that time. The pension was being disbursed in cash, mostly in remote places also. Carrying huge amounts to such places was risky. Besides, schedules called Muster Rolls for disbursement of monthly pension were being prepared manually.

In order to settle the above problems, the New Banking Scheme (NBS) was introduced in 1985. Under the NBS, the pensioners' monthly entitlements are being credited to their bank account, alleviating the hardships of aged pensioners and eliminating the risk of carrying cash to remote places. Computerisation was introduced for preparing Muster Rolls, which saved the manpower needed for repeatedly preparing the same every month. Later, New Pension Disbursement System (NPDS) and the Revised New Pension Disbursement System (RNPDS) in 1988 and 1998 respectively, in order to improve the functioning of the computerised system.

At the outset, pension was being disbursed in cash by the DPDOs, through the payment centres. At present, the DPDOs credit the pension entitlements of the pensioners into their bank accounts under a scheme called the New Banking Scheme (NBS). This facilitates the pensioners to draw their pension from their banks situated in their own locality. Also, there is a provision for the DPDO pensioners to get themselves identified by their pension paying bank branch. These facilities enable them to enjoy the services of the DPDOs without frequently visiting the office of the DPDO.