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The CDA(PD) and the DPDOs under them were established in 1983 to take over function of the disbursement of pension from the Post Offices and state treasuries. Having overcome the initial problems faced by the organization after taking over pension disbursement responsibility, it was decided to introduce New Banking Scheme (NBS). This scheme facilitated crediting of the monthly pension of the pensioner to the savings bank account of the pensioner at a branch of the pensioners choice. Initially, only nationalised or scheduled banks were incorporated under the scheme, but some selected private sector banks were also included under the scheme later.

New Pension Disbursement System (NPDS) was introduced in 1988 under which full basic details of the pensioner were captured in the master and arrears calculations of the DA and Commuted Value of Pension (CVP) were done automatically. This NPDS system was further modified with the restructuring of NPDS with the RNPDS. Under NPDS, the basic key of the database was HO No. allotted to each pensioner by the DPDOs (HO No. is the Pension Book number or the File Number for each pensioner).

Subsequently, it became necessary to match the Master Files of all DPDOs with the Pension Sanctioning Authorities (PSA) Master, in order to create a single database to verify the correctness of pension payment being done by each DPDO. As such, the access key required to be changed, so as to make it identical with the access key of Master of PSA. Hence, a new system called Revised New Pension Disbursing System (RNPDS) was devised in 1998, under which the unique PPO number and Pen Type (Pension Type) were designed as the access key.

Under the RNPDS, the monthly pension schedules were printed centrally through 5 EDP centres located at Delhi, Meerut, Chandigarh, Allahabad and Chennai. With a view to make the system of pension disbursement more users friendly, it was decided to decentralize the monthly processing and printing of pension schedules and vested the DPDOs with the responsibility.

DPDO Brar Square was the first DPDO to be decentralised (2001). The DPDOs are being managed by the officers/staff posted in the respective offices. The manpower posted on such work is being trained internally by the Main Office of CDA (PD) through various training courses organised in their office, ZOs(PD) and some remotely located DPDOs.