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Training / Workshops / Seminars
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Trainings are being imparted by the CDA(PD) organisation with a view to develop human resources and streamline the work force as per the changes going on in various fields of administration. This ensures efficiency and accuracy of the work force, resulting in prompt and satisfactory service to the pensioners.

Trainings are being organized at Main Office of CDA(PD) Meerut and Zonal Offices (PD) situated in Allahabad, Pathankot, Jalandhar and Delhi Cantt. Besides, localised trainings are being organized in various DPDOs situated in remote areas. This helps the officers/staff of these DPDOs attend the trainings in their locality.

Apart from the above, participants are being nominated from this organisation for various courses being conducted by Regional Training Centres, CENTRAD (CGDA Training Division) and ISTM, New Delhi.

Trainings are being conducted on computer/IT related subjects and function related subjects. These are organized on the basis of the Annual Training Calendar, approved by the CGDA, New Delhi. Some special courses are being conducted for disseminating knowledge about the latest government orders related to particular subjects such as Sixth Pay Commission Report, One Rank One Pension, etc.

A database is being maintained wherein the details of all officers/staff who have attended various trainings are updated from time to time. This serves the purpose of identifying personal trained on various areas and deploying them on the areas of work, as per their skill and ability. Also, those who are not trained on specific areas are being nominated for future courses.